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Graduate School of Systemic Neurosciences

GSN podcast Episode 7: Professional and public engagement with Prof. Kathryn Jeffery

Prof. Kathryn Jeffery is at the University College London and the Institute of Behavioral Neuroscience. Alongside her intensely exciting work on the encoding of complex, three dimensional space in the hippocampal-entorhinal circuit, she manages to perform an astonishing amount of... Continue Reading →


Working with soldiers

I let my eyes wander along the front gate. The entrance to the University campus is closed and guarded. A sign reads ‘Military Security Area – Attention firearms use’. The atmosphere is freezing and the place seems empty. A grim-looking... Continue Reading →

Event Brief: IBM Open AI Summit, 26.09.18

It is rare that private companies, especially such behemoths as the IBM, open its highly secured revolving doors (and elevators, and conference rooms, and yes, it does feel like every broom storage is protected better than any number of University... Continue Reading →

Event Brief: Another take on the International Congress of Neuroethology, 15-20 July 2018

On the neuroethological diversity of species By Martin Spacek Edited by Kate Sytnik Why do we study particular animal species? The typical answer to this question is simple: convenience. A handful of species have emerged as those predominantly used in... Continue Reading →

SciKit: Key Scientific Design Lessons from the inPharma Workshop with Dr. Verena Resch, Part I

This year the enterprising inPharma organization committee made extra effort to turn the annual one day gathering into a two-day event. Theory was followed by practice this time. On Wednesday, the attendees enjoyed a symposium and on Thursday, September 6th,... Continue Reading →

Event brief : InPharma Case interview workshop

I'm hoping to finish my PhD in a year (okay, it may take longer) and was looking at career options. One of the options was Management Consulting and the hiring process for such a role involves something called "Case interviews".... Continue Reading →

Event Brief: International Congress of Neuroethology, 15-20 July 2018

A gentle (but unforgettable) reminder of why I work in Neurobiology By Margarete Überfuhr Edited by Kate Sytnik Like many PhD students, I regularly face moments in my daily routine when I ask myself: “Why the hell am I doing... Continue Reading →

Event Brief: inPharma, 05.09.2018

The weekend janitors know you by name. Your skin colour is gaining resemblance to that inimitable pale beige-gray colour of a turnip. There's no progress to speak of in your experiments. In this vulnerable state, the devil of industry might start... Continue Reading →

GSN Podcast Episode 6 – Venturing outside the academia with Viktoria Korzhova

Viktoria is a scientific coordinator at the International Max Planck Research School for Life Sciences, affiliated with the MPI of Biochemistry. Although, frankly, saying this does not even begin to do justice to the great many projects Viktoria manages. 15 X... Continue Reading →

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