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Mind over Matter – episode 15 – humbly stretching the possible with Prof. Matteo Carandini (UCL)

  Prof. Matteo Carandini leads a visual neuroscience lab at the University College London together with Prof. Kenneth Harris.  Prof. Carandini is probably one of the best communicators I've met - humble and precise, both in writing and in person.... Continue Reading →

Mind over Matter – episode 14 – with Prof. Margarete Jahrmann & Prof. Stefan Glasauer

  In episode 14, we speak about artistic research, experiments as games and going from art to science and back. It is a dual interview this time, featuring both the artist (Prof. Margarete Jahrmann, Zurich University of Arts) and the scientist... Continue Reading →

Mind over Matter – episode 13 – Practising omniscience with Dr. Guillaume Dumas (Institut Pasteur)

  In episode 13, I am speaking with Dr. Guillame Dumas (Institut Pasteur). Or, to be more precise, I am growing more awe-inspired by the minute, as Dr. Dumas elaborates on his many pursuits.   Organizing an independent research association, studying... Continue Reading →

Mind over Matter – episode 12 – thinking deeper with Dr. Kimberly Stachenfeld (Google DeepMind)

  Dr. Kimberly Stachenfeld is a research scientist at Google DeepMind. Having done her PhD on reinforcement learning in the hippocampus with Prof. Matthew Botvinick at Princeton, she joined DeepMind, where she continues her academic work along with industry projects. There... Continue Reading →

Should we all be feminists?

  Once I thought it might be nice to write something for the Women’s day, I was faced with a conundrum. What is there left to say that has not been said in the last 2 years since the #MeToo... Continue Reading →

Mind over Matter – episode 11 – Cutting to the core of the cortex with Dr. Leopoldo Petreanu (Champalimaud)

Dr. Leopoldo Petreanu is a Principal Investigator at the Champalimaud Center for the Unknown where he leads a Cortical Circuits Lab. Dr. Petreanu is interested in the principles of inter- and intra-cortical connectivity. He levels an appropriately multi-pronged attack on... Continue Reading →

Mind over Matter – episode 10 – Breaking out of disciplinary molds with Prof. Dr. Dora Angelaki (NYU)

  Prof. Dora Angelaki (NYU) investigates the influence of vestibular signals on spatial cognition in the mammalian brain. She is a truly outstanding scientist, and I am delighted to celebrate the first podcast anniversary with our conversation. Driven by ceaseless... Continue Reading →

Mind over Matter – episode 9 – Exploring across levels and layers with Prof. Matthew Nolan (University of Edinburgh)

Prof. Matthew Nolan leads a systems neuroscience laboratory at the University of Edinburgh. His research focuses on the molecular and circuit mechanisms underlying memory and navigation in the hippocampal - entorhinal system. Prof. Nolan is a rare example of a scientist... Continue Reading →

Mind over Matter – episode 8 – from neuroscience to software engineering with Dr. Daniel Manson (LandInsight)

Dr. Daniel Manson is a neuroscientist-turned-developer based in London. At the moment, he is a software engineer at the London-based  LandInsight - a company providing services for land developers in England and Wales. But back in the day, he was a... Continue Reading →

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