Welcome to the GSN student blog – a place for us to put the things we write. Who are we? We’re students of the Graduate School of Systemic Neurosciences (GSN) at Ludwig Maximilian University in Munich, Germany. What are we going to write? You’ll have to wait and see… but we can give you an idea of what we have planned. We’re graduate students of neuroscience, so expect to read about science – at least some of the time. This might mean new discoveries, important ideas, or even historical perspectives. But also expect more general issues about how science is done and maybe even some thoughts on the politics or social aspects of science. And for something a little bit different, we also hope to give some insights into the life of a neuroscience graduate student in Munich.

We are a pretty eclectic group. We come from around the world and have a wide range of educational backgrounds. Members of the GSN, both students and faculty, cover all aspects of neuroscience, from research way down at the molecular level, all the way up to psychology and behaviour, and then even further to philosophy. We are biologists, psychologists, physicists, engineers and philosophers, but we all share the common goal of trying to understand at least some small part of how brains work. Diversity in outlook and opinion is a major strength of the graduate school, and it’s a strength we hope to take advantage of right here in the blog.

We’re looking forward to sharing our thoughts, ideas, interests and experiences with you. We’ll hopefully see you here again soon!