What comes after your PhD ? You might be wrapping up your PhD, set for a post-doc and suddenly having doubts about your career choice. Or, you might be just starting your PhD. It’s never too late, or too early, to give some thought to your career.

You can read about GSN student Sara’s  approach here.

Below is a list of top 20 alternative career paths, compiled by Cheekyscientist (from their free ebook).  Cheekyscientist is a platform that helps PhDs transfer from academia to the industry.

  1. Application Scientist
  2. Quantitative Analyst
  3. Science public policy advisor
  4. Product manager
  5. Clinical trials project manager
  6. Competitive intelligence analyst
  7. Business development manager
  8. Intellectual property lawyer
  9. Research analyst in VC firms
  10. Market research analyst
  11. Technology transfer officer
  12. Management consulting
  13. Patent agent / scientific consultant
  14. Scientific / Technical writer
  15. Research scientist in industry
  16. Technology assessment manager
  17. Research project manager
  18. Technical sales specialist
  19. Medical science liaison
  20. FDA regulatory affairs administrator

You can find the detailed descriptions of the jobs in their ebook.  I’m not a part of this association. I found this resource to be useful and hope it might be useful to you too.