The summer semester is starting, so here are the top things to do as a neuroscience student in Munich  (in chronological order):

March of Science (22.4)

You might have heard that Marches for Science are going to be held across the world, and Munich is no exception. It’s a march to emphasise the importance of evidence-based and free science (and who of you wouldn’t agree with that?).  The March for Science has been endorsed by several impactful institutions, including Nature and the Society for Neuroscience. In Munich, Prof. Andreas Herz from the GSN will be speaking, amongst others, so it’s definitely worth getting up early on a Saturday.

Time: 10:30 -14:00; Meeting point: Stachus

Pint of Science (15.5-17.5)

Yes, the festival delivering fun science talks by real scientist in the cosy environment of a pub is back! Pint of Science is organised across in 155 cities and Munich is one of them, including talks called „Rise of the Machines“, „Body and Brain“ and „Earth and Beyond“.  A perfect opportunity to broaden one’s horizon in scientific fields other than neuroscience!

Time: 19:30; Place: various pubs in Munich

Career Steps Opportunities (23.5)

Sure, it’s scary to think about what to do after your PhD, but maybe it would be a good start to tackle your fears by going to a number of career events, for example the Career Steps Opportunities event organised by the Max Planck Society. You can expect workshops about work-life balance, gender awareness, and how to promote yourself in science.

Time: 10:00 – 17:00; Place: MPI Administrative Headquarters Marstallpl. 1 (registration required)

Responsible research 2017 (20.7)

The responsible research event is about, well, responsible research conduct. It aims is to raise awareness about responsible research, accuarate and reproducable data presentation, plagiarism, and open access. The event will include lectures and interactive breakout sessions. If this still sounds too dry for you, maybe it is worthwhile to mention that  the event will end with a barbecue dinner on the terrace of the LMU Biomedical Center.

Time: 13:00-19:00; Place: LMU Biocenter/BMC Martinsried

Munich Neuroscience Lectures (every first Monday in the month)

Yup, they are on again and again you can look forward to exciting speakers! Specifically,  Nobel Prize winner John O’Keefe (place cells!) will give a talk on the 3rd of July. Other distinguished scientists from across neuroscience will also hold talks in the Biocenter over the whole semester – you can look up the schedule here.

Time: 18:00; Place: small lecture hall B00.019, Biocenter

Bonus: Kocherlball (23.7)

You thought Oktoberfest was weird? Well – it can get even weirder! At Kocherlball you start drinking a Maß of beer at 6am in the morning and dance Bavarian dances. The origins of this odd tradition apparently lie in the 19th century, where domestic workers arranged to meet for a dance in the morning, in order to be back at work in time.  Nowadays, anyone may come to the dance happening at the Chinese Tower in the English Garden. And if you want to learn a couple of traditional dances beforehand, the Hofbräuhaus organises free dancing lessons before the event!

Time: 6:00 – 10:00; Place: Chinese tower in the English Garden