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Resources for post-PhD considerations

Yes, it will be that time next year: when I need to figure out what I’m doing with my life. Academia? If not, what options are there? Since I have spent some time looking for other options, I will share the resources I came across – maybe you also need to figure out what to do with your life next year? Continue reading “Resources for post-PhD considerations”


How to legally re-use your own figures

When working on the figures for a recent paper I realised that I was using schemes of the animal I work with that come from a copyright-protected book. I decided that I will get rid of those schemes and instead produce my own. However, there was still a potential copyright issue: depending on where the paper would be published, the rights for the figures might well end up with the journal rather than with me. The solution that allows you and others to re-use your own figures is to publish everything on a platform such as figshare under a creative commons license before you publish it in a paper, and then cite yourself on figshare in your paper. That’s what I did! Continue reading “How to legally re-use your own figures”

Questions to ponder

I have subscribed to quite a few journals to get alerts about new papers. Mostly this signifies lots of stuff to wade through until something interesting or relevant pops up. But one thing I always look forward to is the Q&A in Current Biology. In this section, some professor/researcher is asked questions related to their research and their career. Now the reason this is not as boring as you might think is that the questions are pretty interesting. Not only do they highlight that person’s interests and career path, but also their opinions on their field and beyond. Continue reading “Questions to ponder”

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