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Mind over Matter – episode 6 – Venturing outside the academia with Viktoria Korzhova

Viktoria is a scientific coordinator at the International Max Planck Research School for Life Sciences, affiliated with the MPI of Biochemistry. Although, frankly, saying this does not even begin to do justice to the great many projects Viktoria manages. 15 X... Continue Reading →

Mind over Matter – episode 5 – Scientific Success across Cultures and Disciplines with Dr. Roßkothen – Kuhl

Dr. Roßkothen - Kuhl is a postdoctoral fellow at the Medical Center of the University of Freiburg. If anyone can claim to bridge gaps between explanatory levels, it is Dr. Roßkothen-Kuhl, her work on hearing development and loss spans molecular,... Continue Reading →

GSN podcast – Episode 4 – The Best of Both Worlds with Prof. Hans op de Beeck

Prof. op de Beeck is a Group leader of Human Brain Imaging and Rodent Visual Cognition at the Catholic University of Leuven in Belgium. We discuss the skewed proportion of PhDs to Postdocs and the progressively narrowing funnel leading to... Continue Reading →

Mind over Matter – episode 3 – Navigating the Brain’s Complexity with Prof. Kenneth Harriss

Prof. Kenneth Harriss is at the Institute of Neurology at the University College London. Prof. Harriss is yet another exile from the rigorous field of Mathematics, who found a refuge under the cushy wing of the fuzziness of the Neurosciences.... Continue Reading →

Mind over Matter – episode 2 – treading the line between theory and experiment with Dr. Julija Krupic

Dr. Julija Krupic has started investigating spatial navigation in the lab of the Nobel Prize Winner John O’Keefe at the University College London and now continues to pursue this interest in her own lab at the University of Cambridge. Indulging... Continue Reading →

Mind over Matter –  episode 1 – time travel in rats with Prof. Redish

Prof. Redish is at the Department on Neuroscience at the University of Minnesota. His lab is interested in the mechanisms underlying decision-making and spatial navigation. Prof. Redish is no stranger to podcasts. He has given several excellent interviews. You can... Continue Reading →

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