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Mind over Matter – episode 14 – with Prof. Margarete Jahrmann & Prof. Stefan Glasauer

  In episode 14, we speak about artistic research, experiments as games and going from art to science and back. It is a dual interview this time, featuring both the artist (Prof. Margarete Jahrmann, Zurich University of Arts) and the scientist... Continue Reading →

Mind over Matter – episode 12 – thinking deeper with Dr. Kimberly Stachenfeld (Google DeepMind)

  Dr. Kimberly Stachenfeld is a research scientist at Google DeepMind. Having done her PhD on reinforcement learning in the hippocampus with Prof. Matthew Botvinick at Princeton, she joined DeepMind, where she continues her academic work along with industry projects. There... Continue Reading →

Should we all be feminists?

  Once I thought it might be nice to write something for the Women’s day, I was faced with a conundrum. What is there left to say that has not been said in the last 2 years since the #MeToo... Continue Reading →

Event brief : InPharma Case interview workshop

I'm hoping to finish my PhD in a year (okay, it may take longer) and was looking at career options. One of the options was Management Consulting and the hiring process for such a role involves something called "Case interviews".... Continue Reading →

Event Brief: International Congress of Neuroethology, 15-20 July 2018

A gentle (but unforgettable) reminder of why I work in Neurobiology By Margarete Überfuhr Edited by Kate Sytnik Like many PhD students, I regularly face moments in my daily routine when I ask myself: “Why the hell am I doing... Continue Reading →

Mind over Matter – episode 5 – Scientific Success across Cultures and Disciplines with Dr. Roßkothen – Kuhl

Dr. Roßkothen - Kuhl is a postdoctoral fellow at the Medical Center of the University of Freiburg. If anyone can claim to bridge gaps between explanatory levels, it is Dr. Roßkothen-Kuhl, her work on hearing development and loss spans molecular,... Continue Reading →

Bare necessities: ECTS guide for PhD students

This post is for the GSN PhD students with any doubts about collecting ECTS points. We need 180 points to graduate within a maximum of 10 semesters: 150 points come from completing your PhD project (so as long as you... Continue Reading →

NeuroCamp: a summer school for budding neuroscientists

Are you a Gymnasium student in the Munich area with an interest in neuroscience? Or do you know someone who fits that description? NeuroCamp is a neuroscience summer school for Gymnasium students from schools in the Munich area who are... Continue Reading →

Open research and data sharing: examples of success

In my last post, I wrote about some of the basics of open research: how it can address reproducibility issues in science, and some of the challenges researchers face. This post highlights some initiatives that promote or make full use... Continue Reading →

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